Introducing the RS-485 interface IC—HG3085E
Published on:2021-8-11 18:33:26

I. Overview

The HG3085E for RS-485/RS-422 communication is a high-speed transceiver for half-duplex communication, which includes a driver and a receiver. With a fail-safe circuit, when the receiver input is open or short-circuited, it ensures that the receiver input logic is high. If all transmitters connected to the terminal match bus are disabled (high impedance), the receiver will output a logic high level. HG3085E has a low slew rate driver, which can reduce EMI and reflections caused by improper terminal matching cables, and achieve error-free data transmission up to 500Kbps; in addition, the receiver of HG3085E has 1/8 unit load input impedance, More than 256 transceivers can be connected to the bus. It can completely replace MAX3085E.


2. Features

 ● Complete fail-safe receiver

 ● Powerful slew rate control function to realize error-free data transmission

 ● 1nA low current shutdown mode

 ● More than 256 transceivers can be connected to the bus

 ● SOP-8, DIP-8 package


Three, parameters

 ●Voltage input range: -8V~13V

 ●Anti-static: ±15KV

 ●Working temperature: -40℃~85℃


Four, application areas

  ● Industrial control

  ● Access control, security system

  ● Meter

  ● Level conversion

  ● Transceiver applications sensitive to EMI

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