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Recruitment position: Sales

job requirements:

1. Those who have been engaged in the procurement or sales of electronic components for 1-2 years are preferred, and have a general understanding of various electronic devices. If you have a professional degree in electronics and electrical appliances, those with no work experience are accepted.

2. Technical secondary school education or above.

3. Proactive, diligent and practical, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, with good analysis, communication and negotiation skills.

4. Careful work, strong self-discipline ability, and strong team spirit.

Recruitment position: Purchasing

Job Responsibilities:

1. Analyze changes in the global electronic components market, expand overseas markets, and provide market consulting support for company sales.

2. According to the order from the sales department, conduct electronic component inquiry, purchase negotiation and purchase related goods.

3. Track the execution of the responsible purchase order and track the flow of goods.

4. In accordance with the company's procurement process, complete the procurement tasks issued by the company, and reasonably control costs.

5. Develop global potential IC suppliers through various media and platforms, manage supplier systems and expand supplier relationships, and find excellent suppliers for the company.

6. Develop suppliers of competitive electronic components (various brands of ICs, memory chips, CPUs, diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc.), including distributors/agents/factory inventory, etc.;

7. Conduct business negotiations with suppliers, maintain supplier relationships, and lay the foundation for further cost control.

job requirements:

1. Understand electronic component procurement channels, have a strong interest in electronic component procurement and desire for success, outgoing personality, excellent eloquence, and quick thinking;

2. Bachelor degree or above, with three years or more of electronic component procurement experience in the electronic component distribution industry;

3. Active, responsible, CET-6 or above.

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