Car chip

It is estimated that 80% of innovations in the automotive industry today are achieved directly or indirectly through electronic devices. With the continuous improvement of the car functions of each new model, the number of semiconductor devices in each car is constantly increasing.

In order to reduce carbon dioxide and particulate emissions, while improving engine performance and improving the overall driving experience, more sophisticated semiconductor solutions are required. With enhanced processing power, built-in safety performance and functions, and innovative power technology, the application of internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrain applications is undergoing earth-shaking changes. ST provides semiconductor solutions for a wide range of engine management systems (EMS), which cover everything from motorcycles to multi-cylinder gasoline in-cylinder direct injection and common rail diesel engines, as well as transmission control and drive. Our extensive internal technology portfolio can provide comprehensive solutions, from cost-effective highly integrated systems to solutions that meet the most advanced high-performance application requirements. Our product portfolio covers your entire system solutions, including 32-bit automotive microcontrollers, standard low-side/high-side and bridge smart power devices for driving solenoid valves, DC motors and stepper motors. In addition, dedicated ICs for driver drive, charging and power management, as well as the industry's most extensive series of power MOSFETs and IGBTs, make our ICE powertrain products more complete.

The complete electric gearbox solution includes SPC5 32-bit microcontroller for control unit, SBC with high-side pre-driver, motor driver IC and STripFET full-bridge power device.


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